American Idiot Era


To all my recent followers I haven’t greeted


old green day ticket stub

05/09/1995 Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany

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I just want my cd’s to arrive, so that i can take a long drive and not think about anything but the road, nature and the music.
I need to empty my head. I was so down last month - and i don’t wanna go down that road again.

Feeling like this is going to be a stressfull week. Been tired all day, and the weekend is soon to come, and the weekend after that i’m moving out from this apartment and into a new one with my boyfriend. My bestest friend is also leaving, a 3 hour drive away.. That sucks. I feel like crap, and right now i just never want to leave this couch.
Not that i’m not looking forward to moving in with my boyfriend, ‘cus i do. But all these things happening all in one weekend is going to push me mentally.